Who is Options?

Options is a Christian based, non-profit, charitable organization that is open to any individual of any faith or background. We do not perform or refer for abortions.

Our purpose is to provide education and support for individuals facing the responsibility of pregnancy. We also want to support women in post abortion care and support as well. We are non-judgmental and understand that this is a difficult process. Our heart is that every women/couple facing pregnancy will not feel alone. Each person who comes through our doors, will have access to support no matter what decision they make and they will have the care provided for them and their unborn child.

We Believe in Integrity, Excellence and Honesty

Our services are not meant to be a substitute for professional counselling or pre-natal care. Our staff have been trained in crisis intervention and have a deep commitment to each individual client’s needs. We keep everything confidential. There are cases where the law requires disclosure, such as instances of child abuse or threats of suicide.

We are fully funded by donations provided through individuals, businesses and churches. We are affiliated with CAPSS (Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services).