Unexpected Pregnancy?


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Our Mission

At Options Pregnancy Centre, we provide a free and confidential safe place to discuss your pregnancy options. We offer comprehensive and accessible programs and services to ensure you know the options before you as facing an unexpected pregnancy can be extremely difficult. We are a safe place for, women men and families to share their concerns and to be guided along this difficult process.

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Common Questions


What does your free counselling Service include?

We offer free peer to peer counselling who are fully trained and filled with compassion. We will also provide connections to multiple communities and resources to guide you as you make your decisions. We want to provide a way for individuals and families to heal through this process. These trained individuals consult and help with issues such as

  • Offering a free pregnancy test

  • Exploring and educating on all of your options including adoption, abortion, parenting

  • locating resources and materials that will help in your specific situation


How can I check if I’m pregnant?

At Options Pregnancy Centre we offer free pregnancy tests. The tests are urine based and we do require you to contact the centre to book an appointment for your test. Our office is located at 715 Victoria Avenue in Regina, SK.

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How do I know if abortion is for me?

We know this is a big deal for you and that you are facing many options. There is a lot to know about abortion and we are here to inform you about this decision. This is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. It is important to think reflectively while making this decision for yourself. The one emotion that most women feel when facing an unplanned pregnancy is fear.

We are here to be with you through this process so that you do not have to be afraid. There is much healing and support that can happen once there is open dialogue between one of our counsellors and someone facing an unplanned pregnancy. There is much regret in individuals if they have made this decision quickly. So we advise to take this slowly and consider the options that are in front of an unplanned pregnancy. We are here to help. We do not provide referrals for an abortion.


What support is there if I choose to raise my baby?

The thought of becoming a parent can be overwhelming especially when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Referrals are available to community resources as well as the Circle of Security (registered) parenting program. Learning the importance of bonding/attachment will make a difference in your child’s life as well as your own.

We also provide material support in clothing and diapers. Everything is available and free. We are here to help and you are not alone.


What happens if I choose abortion?

Of course we are here to guide you through your options. We offer a post-abortion recovery support that aims at helping one through healing and hope. We provide group or one-on-one support to go through the healing process post abortion. We are also non-judgemental so that means we will look at helping and supporting you after your abortion as this time can involve emotional pain which can impact life and loved ones lives in a negative way.


What happens if I choose to put my baby up for adoption?

We have a trained birth mother advocate to support women through the process of placing their child for adoption should they choose to do so. We provide further support after the adoption process for birth moms who have placed their child for adoption recently or many years ago. Again, we are here to help in both a confidential and non-judgemental way so we are here to listen.

Many women and men must know that their stories are sometimes not as uncommon as they think. This means that there are many people who have been through these situations and processes. You are not alone in this situation and that is another area that we can help in.


What kind of materials and resources do you provide?

Options has a network of resources within the community and province. We can also provide resources on topics including pregnancy, parenting, abstinence, sexual integrity, abortion and adoption.

Clients who have chosen to parent may receive new and gently used clothing on an as needed basis until their child is two years old—this also includes diapers. We also provide educational programs with regard to healthy relationships and abstinence to youth through churches and schools. We can refer clients other suitable agencies in the community.